At work, I have it all together! I’m a full-time Executive Assistant for Presidents, Vice Presidents, Chief Financial Offers and Executive Directors at a major corporation. I’ve been keeping their daily lives organized and on track for 15+ years.  

While doing the job I love and sometimes not so much, I kept wondering how could I use that same foundation at home to get my personal life in order.

So, the journey begins!

Most of 2013 and 2014 I was so frustrated feeling off track and knowing there was something great in me. Yet, I could not figure out what that one thing was for the life of me.  I will never forget the moment that frustration barrier was broken. 

One of my favorite pastimes is sitting on my patio watching my dog play while I absorb the quiet and gather my thoughts as they pop in and out of my head.

It was August 2014 and I was praying on my patio and something said: “go get your journal, pencil and a ruler.” I got up, went into the house walked right to my nightstand and got those specific items. When I sat back down, the floodgates opened and within hours there was my planner system.

As my direction has evolved so has my mission to help female executives and entrepreneurs with no assistant clarify, focus and execute their highest priorities personally and professionally by showing them how to manange their activities and goals.

Like so many women, I was feeling all those frustrations to get things together at home while also trying to create my own business. That’s when I also decided I’m going to take what I do for top executives and package it to help other women who are putting their stamp on the world.

That’s You!