How We Got Started

About five years ago, I was sitting outside just thinking about how my son would be off to college and starting the next chapter of his life. That got me to thinking about what was my NEXT.

I realized I had become a hermit of sorts. I became very comfortable just working and going home. As long as I had my husband and son life was great! That’s still true to this day but I was missing creating those meaningful relationships with other women and doing the things that would help me grow into the better version of myself personally and professionally

I was missing going to the movies, out to dinner, going on trips with my friends. I was also missing seminars, networking events and conferences that would take me to the next level of my professional journey.

When I looked around my two best friends had moved out of state and I was left somewhat alone. That’s when I started praying to God to help me build more relationships with other strong, powerful and amazing women.

These women would not take the place of anyone but just add too and enrich my life and show and teach me new things while I did the same for them.

This is the reason I started getting a group of women together every two months. We have great conversations, eat, laugh, learn and lift each other up. The group is starting to grow and I’m touched by all we have to offer one another.

Theses outings have evolved into a networking group called Creating You Creating Her. Where we support each other in our careers, business and personal journeys while also learning from and supporting local entrepreneurs.

Angelica G Miller