Angelica G Miller

How We Impact Each Others Lives!

In every woman’s path to entrepreneurship, there exist moments that test resilience, moments that call for a leap of faith, and instances where the whisper of self-doubt attempts to cloud the vision of success. It’s in these moments that “Empower Her Journey” becomes not just a slogan but a promise – a vow to stand by you, to elevate you from the whispers of doubt, and guide you towards unveiling the immense strength that lies within.

With “Empower Her Journey,” we extend a hand to you, the woman on the verge of transition, the emerging CEO, the soul in search of a path lit by creativity and innovation. We’re here to echo your inner voice, the one that speaks of resilience, the tenacity to rise above challenges, and the power to transform barriers into stepping stones.

Our core values – empowerment through knowledge, the building of a supportive community, advocating for a work-life balance, and fostering mental well-being – are not just principles; they are our commitment to you. They are the foundation upon which we build a space for sharing honest experiences, a place where vulnerability intersects with empowerment, where every setback is a setup for a comeback, and where every story of hardship becomes a testament to enduring bravery.

At AGM Coaching and Virtual Services,  we empower women entrepreneurs who are also mothers to recognize and celebrate their unique strengths. By fostering confidence and overcoming imposter syndrome, we guide you in creating a sustainable work-life balance, enabling you to thrive in both your personal and professional lives without guilt or burnout.

We believe in the power of authenticity and vulnerability, cultivating a community where you can be your true self. Our mission is to support you in achieving harmony and fulfillment, helping you to live a balanced life that seamlessly integrates the demands of entrepreneurship and motherhood. Together, we will pave the way for a future where women can excel and shine in all that they do.


Angelica G Miller, Detroit Global Business Connector