My Vision of Impact!

I want to impact womens lives by freeing up their time while also showing them how to create a huge impact in their business. Not only what impacts them but creating positivity that permeates within their organization. Illustrating how working as a collaborative team and taking ownership together for the goals, vision, mission and processes of the company. To make sure work life balances is a part of the businesses DNA for everyone involved.

Several years ago, I had this nagging feeling that I was suppose to be doing more with my life. I mean more then just my 9 to 5 job. It was a feeling so real that there were some days I cried out of frustration to God and to my best friends because I wasn’t sure what it was I was suppose to do.

For years I heard people say use your gifts to create a business you love. Well I thought it was cooking, sewing, jewelry making and so on. It turned out that those were the hobbies that I loved but not the gifts I was to use to help women in business like you.

My gift and expertise with Time Management and Organizational Skills was the seed I was to use to create tools and programs to help you in your journey.

I have years supporting top executives at a major Fortune 500 company. I’ve watched, learned and executed the things they needed to keep them on time, organized, goal focused and profitable while also creating balance in their day. I’ve also been working with entrepreneurs showing them how to create processes, execute and achieve their goals personally and professionally while creating balance and making money.

This is something I love to do and I feel it’s something I was born to do for you!

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