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Reaching success in the business world can be challenging, but having carefully crafted templates as a guide can prove invaluable. With reliable tools to navigate an ever-changing landscape, entrepreneurs are empowered and encouraged to strive for their dreams with confidence.

What’s Included

Auditing business processes and creating strategies go hand-in-hand. In strategy sessions, businesses identify areas in which they want to improve or make changes. They then audit their current processes to see where there may be inefficiencies. From there, they create an action plan with specific steps on how to improve the process. This may include implementing new technologies or changing the way employees work. Finally, they assess the results of the changes to see if they have been successful in achieving their goals. By auditing their business processes and creating strategies, businesses can ensure that they are operating efficiently and effectively.

Live Chat

75 minutes face time strategy session with our Founder & CEO Angelica G Miller through Zoom. Together, you will dive deep into your business’s current and future goals and needs. 

Systems Audit

Audit of current systems, strategies, and tech stack.


90 Day action plan delivered 10 business days after the initial live chat session.

Let’s get started

At AGM Virtual Services, we believe in supporting our clients in improving their processes so they can serve their clients at the very highest level.

“Women have an unique power of being able to look at the world’s problems and discover solutions that transform lives and make a world a better place.”

Ayanna Howard

About Angelica G Miller

Angelica G Miller, CEO of AGM Social Media Management Boutique, offers social media strategies and execution to women-owned businesses that want to expand their online presence and reach more clients. She is passionate about amplifying women’s voices to capture the hearts of the people they serve.

Angelica leverages her 25+ years of business success in Corporate America in the areas of strategy, project management, communication, and event planning, to now partner with women entrepreneurs who want to grow their businesses with a collaborative marketing communications team. 


Angelica is also excited to connect, serve and collaborate with women in Detroit Michigan as the Global Business Connector for Women Speakers Association. She believes every woman has an amazing story and gift to share with the world. Angelica understands the importance of not taking the business journey alone and the life-changing power that grace and collaboration can have in your business. Her vision is to build a community of women who understand the struggles and still show up every single day to serve and liberate themselves and their sisters throughout the world.

Angelica G Miller