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Goals Processes  Aligenment 

Reaching success in the business world can be challenging, but having carefully crafted templates as a guide can prove invaluable. With reliable tools to navigate an ever-changing landscape, entrepreneurs are empowered and encouraged to strive for their dreams with confidence.

Here’s Whats Included In the FREE Masterclass

There are a lot of people who think time management skills are one size fits all. That if you write down your goals once, things will happen through a lot of wishing. That if your calendar is overloaded with things to do, it means you’re really working your business. That as long as you know your business processes everything will run smoothly even though you have a team to help with the work.

If you believe any of those things, I know you’re struggling in some capacity in your business and personal life. I know if you’re working in those types of silos, you’re frustrated, overwhelmed and having a hard time accomplishing your goals. I know that without proper documented processes your business is not working at it’s full potential.

I also know, if you don’t learn how to properly use your schedule, you will continue to work on other peoples emergencies and not what’s important for you to accomplish your goals.


This is a live group training through Zoom. You will spend two hours working through your current schedule, goals, and launch plan to come up with a schedule that works for you to create Work Life Harmony. You will be able to get your questions answered live as we work through activites to get you ready. 


Creating your schedule is not a one size fits all but there are some basic templates we provide to get you started. 

You will walk away with your eletronic blueprint file that you can use to duplicate into your planner system; hard copy or electronic version.


We’re dedicted to your success. Once the workshop is over, you can schedule a FREE 30 minute Discovery Call with your trainer to provide you additonal help.

You may have a few more questions after the workshop or you’re thinking about adding an additonal project this year and need to talk through the process.

Rock Your Vision 2.0 Goal Planning Course For Only $97

I’m so excited that you’re taking the necessary steps to create the vision you want for your business and life!

Getting your schedule under control is so important.

You also need to make sure you’re working on the right goals that will eventually fit into your schedule.

It’s not always easy to create our goals without feeling overwhelmed about all the things that you need to get done. Don’t worry we all feel that way at some point.

The important part is you’re still in the race to WIN!

I created a DIY course to help you get clear about your goals. Just click this button to find out more. 

“Women have an unique power of being able to look at the world’s problems and discover solutions that transform lives and make a world a better place.”

Ayanna Howard

About Angelica G Miller

We all have that one thing that we excel at and can do with little or no effort. It doesn’t mean we don’t have to continue to work on our craft but it does mean it’s something we love doing when we can work with the right people.

I’ve been supporting and helping VPs, CEO, COO and Executive Directors stay organized for over 20 years. I have managed large teams of support staff while also consolidating branches into one localized location. I have been the lead event coordinator for women’s conferences, networking events and corp. functions. I’ve also facilitated business planning sessions for non-profit and for-profit organizations.

All these experiences have brought me to where I am today and that’s helping you in your journey to create balance, structure and processes in your business so you’re able to obtain your goals with less stress and frustration while creating Work Life Harmony.

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