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Do you feel like you’re running into a wall and failing to make an impact; all work and going nowhere? Let our team execute a unique strategy for your business to release the frustration and burnout.


A Roadmap Designed to Amplify Your Social Media

Do you feel like you’re always working on social media and not working your business properly ? It no longer has to be that way!

  • You’re always talking about the business             but falling short on working the business
  • Creating content is tedious and time                   consuming
  • You’re not a fan coming up with a social             media strategy
  • Tired of not being able to create the right           relationships with clients

Stop right now and make a resolution to amplify your voice and have a solid social media plan that gets you results. Introducing our strategy that will help your organization gain time back, extend your brand voice while reaching your ideal client. 

Let us help you, amplify your brands voice!




Signature Strategy Session

Bi-weekly Check-In Session

Customized Strategy Plan

Social Media Platform (2) & Website (1) Monthly Reporting

Website Optimization

Customized Hashtag & Keyword Strategy

Ad Campaign Strategy & Creation

Account Monitoring & Engagement



Removing the Pressure…

We can remove the pressures that comes with social media so you can continue building your brand.

Think about what you will gain when you sign-up with our agency and use our signature service.

Do you want to stretch your authentic voice beyond your current footprint and release the frustrations of executing a social media strategy? 

Break up with the overwhelm and ease into the confidence knowing work is being done and the freedom you will have to focus on your business and the things you love.

Sign-Up Today!


Gain a minimum of 4 hours back each week because you won’t be planning and creating content daily.


Start working more in your business instead of just talking about your business.


Build better relationships with your ideal client.


No more late nights coming up with your strategy.


Release the social media frustration and tension.


Have an actionable plan your organization can use to stay on track.

Social Media Management

   SMM Content Incubator

Get Back To Your CEO Journey!

Get back to the things you do well and leave the social media to us. We love what we do and no need to waste your energy.

What can seem like another full time job planning and executing your social media campaigns, now only requires strategy with our team and we do the rest.

Our signature service is designed to deep dive into your business and execute your brand’s authentic voice that resonates with your audience. 

Working with our team you’ll be able too:

  • Stop spending hours trying to figure out what to post 
  • Have increased brand awareness and community engagement
  • Deliver social media content that is executed and encompasses your brand and all of your products and services


Service Packages

VIP Strategy Package


We know coming up with your plan can be daunting,  so let’s sit down together to come up with your strategy.  Our team enjoys talking about social media strategy and understanding the different things within your business that are linked to amplifying your brand’s voice, product, and services.


From Our Founder

Let’s Remove Your Frustrations with Social Media & GAIN BACK PRECIOUS TIME!

Hello, I’m Angelica G Miller, a Social Media Strategist. I help women who are online creatives, coaches and consultants amplify their voices by telling their brand story in their authentic voice to capture the attention and hearts of the audiences they serve.                       

Your voice and message need to be amplified throughout the world, are you ready to reach even more people and release the pressures of managing your social media?

Amplify Your Brands Voice Today and Start Working with Our Team!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the process take? 

The first two weeks working with us is all about deep diving into your business. Our team needs a clear picture of where you’re currently at in your business; goals, products, services, courses, speaking engagements, website and your current social media state (metrics, platforms, engagement and so much more).

At the end we will take what we learn and come up with your social media strategy for the next six to twelve months depending on what package you purchase. 

This time will not only be an eye opening experience for our team but for you too. We find that when clients are not looking at the holistic picture, we can miss some great opportunities to get your authentic voice and message out to your audience.

What will my involvement look like as a client?

Every client is responsible for providing all the necessary information about their organization to help us come up with a plan. All the introductory questionnaires and profile details are needed within a week of signing the contract. Our clients are expected to set aside 3 to 5 hours the first month to work through the social media strategy. 

Our clients are responsible for providing credential access to any platforms that are part of the social media plan.

If the CEO is not the person responsible for the project, we need to know who we will be working with directly for clear communication.

What is the investment?

Our agency offers two packages to support your business.

  • Package 1 – 6 month contract $15,000.00
  • Package 2 – 12 month contract $25,000.00
Is there a payment plan?

Yes, depending on which package you select, you can pay in full at the price listed above or split into two payments on auto-draft for package 1 or 3 payments on auto-draft for package 2. 

  • Package 1 – Payment in full at the time the contract is signed
  • Package 1 – 2 payments the 1st and 2nd month of the contract 
  • Package 2 – Payment in full at the time of contract is signed
  • Package 2 – 3 payments the 1st, 2nd and 3rd month of the contract
What payments do you take?

We accept all major credit cards. We do not accept paypal or checks.

Do you provide discounts?

We do not offer discounts on any of our packages and no a la carte services.

What is your refund policy?

We do not offer refunds at this time.

What happens if it doesn’t work?

The deep dive process our team takes you through to execute a strategy that’s very brand specific is very important to us. Social Media is very fluid and each platform can change the game at any moment. 


Data never lies, since we track your metrics we will always adjust as needed to reach the goal.

Do you have any referrals?

Yes! You can find testimonials on our website.

Should I continue doing this on my own?

You can, but that’s not serving you right now in your business. Social media management takes a lot of dedication and strategy that’s currently taking a lot of time away that you want to spend in your business. 

As a CEO you want to be involved at the high level but not in the day to day management of amplifying your brand voice and building your community. Your continued focus is turning your warm audience into paid clients and long-term customers and creating products and services that they love. 

Why should I choose your agency?

I’m glad you asked! One of the things we value most as a team and company is amplifying the voice of women in the online service industry, by telling their brand story in their authentic voice to capture the attention  and hearts of the audiences they serve. 

We understand social media is an integral part of our clients business strategy and that they never function separately.

As a team, we create social media strategies that are client specific.

Never a carbon copy!

We help all our clients see the long term strategy by taking their company’s brand identity and seamlessly integrating that into social media content, so they’re able to concentrate on serving clients, creating products and generating revenue.

Our team is always focused on extending our clients brand’s voice beyond their current footprint by connecting with their community through their social media platforms. We help them in creating long term valuable customers and success.


Working with Angelica as been a huge advantage in my business. I had 3 specific VA requirements in mind when I interviewed: (1) robust social media management, (2) a trusted advisor, and (3) resourceful with attention to detail. Angelica has gone beyond my expectations and I feel like my business in good hands. In my book she comes highly recommended!
Anita D Rusell

CEO of The Place to SOAR, Optimistic Movement

Angelica is organized, efficient and great to work with. She has a natural ability of recognize details and develop her client’s vision beyond expectations. I am very protective of my clients and organization, it’s my baby. I trust her to get the job done WELL. I look forward to continued success working with it Angelica G Miller.
RaShaunda Williams

President, Collective Impact

Angelica is a true professional and goes above and beyond in all that she does. I had the pleasure of working with her on a summit for diverse women leaders. She served as the Event Planner, and her leadership in this area was instrumental in pulling off a seamless event. She coordinated with several vendors and ensured that they delivered as contracted. She also kept the two day event moving as scheduled.
TiAnna Anderson

Owner & Founder of the Ready Set AIM Summit, Strategic Marketing Consultant and Copywriter at Anderson Innovative Marketing

Angelica is truly an awesome lady of excellence. She viewed my new business on Facebook and created flyers for me to begin to advertise. The flyers spoke to my vision as a Labor and Postpartum Doula. The flyers communicated warmth and the beauty of becoming a new mom which is exactly what I want my clients to feel when connecting with me. I appreciate her professionalism greatly and look forward to working with her again.
Veontae R. Mann

Certified Doula, HarmonyGrace Doula Services

Angelica Miller, the owner of Angelica G Miller, provided me with her knowledge and understanding of how to create a business that was custom made for me. Her step by step guidance and phenomenal organizational skills showed me how to set up, market and sustain my business to make money. My Grand Opening was very successful with Angelica’s support and direction.
Tracie Whitaker

Owner, Kloset Treasures Boutique