Time Mapping

In a recent Facebook post I asked this question. “In regards to your schedule, what activities or goals do you need help figuring out this month to make sure you stay on track?”

I received this comment in response. “I need help with balancing and keeping my kids active, but also putting in enough hours in my business.”

I want to take a little time addressing this comment and also provide you a FREE tool that can help.

How It Can Help You!

To gain more control over your schedule a good time management tip to use is Time Mapping. The Business Dictionary defines Time Mapping as “A method of evaluating a work process in which the time spent on each stage within the process is considered for the value it adds to the end consumer. A time value map plots value-added work, wasted work due to business necessity (such as regulatory compliance, legal review, payroll) and delays.

Although this talks more about how it’s used in the work environment.

As  a professional women, we should also be incorporating what is going on in our personal lives that have impact on your day.

Being able to map out your activities and your families over the summer can help elevate some pressure for everyone.

Taking the time to create a document that shows at a glance your work and families activities will really help you out this summer.


  1. In column A,  I created text boxes for family and work activities.
  2. I would start blocking your time out first then add your families.
  3. Copy the label you want and place it in the day and time you’re going to use.

You can change the names and colors of any of the labels. Everyone’s day is different but I wanted to give you a starting point. Take your time playing with this document.