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Designing Your Productivity Blueprint

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This program is about you knocking down roadblocks and creating a blueprint that you can execute. What it’s not is a place to just sit back and hope things change. You have to put in the work and be willing to release some of those old habits that are no longer serving you and create some new ones that will get you to the next level.

Like so many women, I was feeling all those frustrations to get things together at home while also trying to create my own business. That’s when I decided I’m going to take what I do for top executives at a Fortune 500 company  and package it to help women like you put your creative stamp on the world.

If you’re looking to make radical changes to how you manage your goals, processes, schedule and time, LET’S TALK!.

You should never have to feel like you have to put your life, goals and  business on hold because life gets in the way. We’re all going through, have gone through or getting ready to go through something. That will never change!!

What's Included In DYPB Program

How many unread emails are sitting in your inbox right now? How long do you let an email sit in your inbox before responding? Do you delete the email after responding? Do you have an inbox filing system? What is the date of your oldest email? How often do you check emails? Do you schedule time in your schedule to check and respond to emails? Are you constantly checking your emails? Do you do a weekly inbox clean-up?

Some of your answers to these questions can determine if you’re allowing or not allowing your inbox to take over your productivity at work.


Declutter Physical and Electronic Space

Identify the goals that were not accomplished personally and proffessionaly in your schedule.

Get an understanding of were your goals clearly were not mapped out in your shcedule.

Identifying what was a waste of time in your schedule while also figuring out the things you missed that were important.

Core Outcome: Getting a better understanding of your schedule and what di or didn’t work.




Clarify What's Currently Not Working In Your Schedule

Understanding roadblocks and how to overcome them going forward.

Learn how to work through your roadblocks.

Understanding the levels of disruption.

Core Outcome: Set-up strategies to successfully overcome roadblocks.







Clarifying What's Holding You Back From Obtaining Your Goals

Identifying your goals

Understanding if your goals are something worth going after or a waste of your tme.

Identifying what it will take to accomplish your goals

Core Outcome: Creating goals that encompass your whole life not just in one area.



Creating and Managing Your Goals

Finding the Time Management tools that will work for you and your life style.

Understanding time blocking and how it’s your key to a sucessful schedule.

Understanding the importance of using a calendar system.

Core Outcome: Learning how to make the best use of your time.


Time Management Steps To Organize Your Schedule

Learn how to manage your schedule 90 days at a time.

Learn the steps to create a balance in your monthly, weekly and daily schedule.

Core Outcome: Being intentional about planning your activities while focusing on your goal.




Designing Your Productivity Blueprint

  • WEEKLY ONE ON ONE COACHING SESSIONS this is where you and I will go over what’s going on that week, strategies, answer questions and talk through any roadblocks. All sessions are recorded and conducted through Zoom.


  • TWO GROUP COACHING CALLS this is a Q&A session and where I will bring in an expert into the group to talk about other business areas. All sessions are recorded and conducted through Zoom


  • STEP BY STEP IMPLEMENTATION EXERCISES you will also have access to my Teachable portal where I will provide you training videos and handouts to use during the program.

Week 1: We will be going through your physical and electronic space to get rid and declutter everything that is causing you distractions and wasting your time. Your work environment is your foundation and it must be looked at first.

Week 2: Clarify What’s Currently Working and Not Working In Your Schedule.

Week 3: Clarifying What’s Holding You Back From Obtaining Your Goals.

Week 4: Creating and Managing Your Goals.

Week 5: Time Management Steps To Organize Your Schedule.

Week 6: Designing Your Productivity Blueprint.

Weeks 7 & 8: We will be looking at your current processes and seeing if they’re in line with your goals and if any tweaking needs to be done or new ones added.


Angelica is organized, efficient and great to work with. She has a natural ability of recognize details and develop her client’s vision beyond expectations. I am very protective of my clients and organization, it’s my baby. I trust her to get the job done WELL. I look forward to continued success working with it Angelica G Miller.
RaShaunda Williams

Founder, Optimistic Movement

Angelica is a true professional and goes above and beyond in all that she does. I had the pleasure of working with her on a summit for diverse women leaders. She served as the Event Planner, and her leadership in this area was instrumental in pulling off a seamless event. She coordinated with several vendors and ensured that they delivered as contracted. She also kept the two day event moving as scheduled.
TiAnna Anderson

Owner & Founder of the Ready Set AIM Summit, Strategic Marketing Consultant and Copywriter at Anderson Innovative Marketing

Angelica is truly an awesome lady of excellence. She viewed my new business on Facebook and created flyers for me to begin to advertise. The flyers spoke to my vision as a Labor and Postpartum Doula. The flyers communicated warmth and the beauty of becoming a new mom which is exactly what I want my clients to feel when connecting with me. I appreciate her professionalism greatly and look forward to working with her again.
Veontae R. Mann

Certified Doula, HarmonyGrace Doula Services

Angelica Miller, the owner of Angelica G Miller, provided me with her knowledge and understanding of how to create a business that was custom made for me. Her step by step guidance and phenomenal organizational skills showed me how to set up, market and sustain my business to make money. My Grand Opening was very successful with Angelica’s support and direction.
Tracie Whitaker

Owner, Kloset Treasures Boutique