Blogging is one of the most popular ways to share your thoughts online. In content marketing, business leaders and CEOs use blogs to shape popular opinion. CEO blogging allows you to establish thought leadership, present your company’s brand and image to the public, and offers an opportunity to communicate with stakeholders in a more personal and authentic way.

However, CEO blogging is a great undertaking. Most people won’t talk about the pitfalls many CEOs fall into shortly after they begin their blogging journey. This post gives an unbiased opinion on the good, the bad, and the ugly of CEO blogging. Keep reading.

Understanding the Pitfalls of Blogging as a CEO

Are You Ready to Deal With Angry Customers or Audiences?

CEO blogging enables most consumers to go online (the company’s website and your blog) to search for information about the products and services offered by your company. You can build rapport and connect customers to your business through your blog.

However, public blogging exposes you to the risk of customers venting directly to you in your blog comments about issues not necessarily related to your blogs. This may be a huge distraction to your business and blogging.

Can You Keep Up With Every Emerging Issue?

CEO bloggers use their platform to key in on emerging industry trends and diffuse the effects of an occurrence that can otherwise ruin the business and its reputation. You are therefore required, as the CEO, to be present to address these issues publicly.

Additionally, your audience will expect your input on the affairs of your industry. Sometimes being present may mean splitting your attention between your family, your business, and your blog, not to mention many other activities that require your time and energy. This may put unnecessary pressure on you, affecting your performance in one or more of these areas.

CEO Blogging Is Time-Consuming; Do You Have the Time?

Creating an engaging blog with thought-provoking ideas requires time, effort, and consistency to organize thoughts and create relevant pieces. It may require even more time for a CEO who has yet to gain writing experience. For a CEO, that means added responsibility that they should commit to; otherwise, they face the risk of losing their already engaged followers.

Understanding the Pitfalls of Blogging as a CEO

Does your Blog Only Reflect your Personal Brand?

CEO blogging humanizes your company by giving it a more personalized touch. The audience, your clients, or potential clients gain a better understanding of who you are. This promotes brand awareness and may result in the growth of the company. However, there is a thin line between your personal and company brands. Using your blog for personal reasons rather than promoting your company’s brand may negatively affect the business. CEO blogs should reflect the values of an organization rather than individual views.

Does Your Blog Guarantee a Revenue Stream?

Your blog should be able to compensate for the time, energy, and effort you put into it. Is there a steady increase in leads? Is your blog converting leads into sales? If so, is the effort and energy you’re putting into the blogs worth the rewards? You need to ask these questions to find out if you need to blog as a CEO. If you have experience with it or enjoy doing it, you can hire a helping hand so that you don’t sacrifice other areas of your life while doing it.

Bottom Line

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