Were you impacted?

Earlier this year Facebook was down for several hours. You could not connect to anyone that was on your business or group page.

At first, I thought it was something wrong with my computer. So I went through all the different things we do to get back to work. What I thought was a tech issue on my end turned out to be something seriously wrong in the META Universe.

Understanding the issue and praying it was going to be a quick fix was comforting at first but the clock kept ticking and I like so many others still couldn’t connect with their communities on this social platform.

The Power of Your Email List

Luckily, I could still connect with the majority of my community through email, since one of my strategies is to take my viewers off my social platforms and direct them to my email list.

If you have been in business for some time and using social media, I know you keep hearing get your ideal client onto your email list.

Well, I’m here to say it one more time, and this month we’re going to be talking a lot about how to build your email list. Matter of fact, I will be sharing these 5 tips with you this month.

  • Creating Valuable Content
  • Creating Engaging Pop-Ups
  • Creating Landing Pages with Value
  • Creating Lead Magnets That Convert

The whole idea of not being able to connect to our clients on your social channels also brings to light one powerful tool we have right at our fingertips and that is email!

Do you really know the POWER OF EMAIL?

  • Though email has been widely used for well over 25 years, it continues to remain one of the most powerful marketing tools in existence. It may not be as “sexy” as some of the newer marketing techniques, such as push notifications and social media, but it continues to be incredibly effective at converting people into paying customers.
  • We may ignore notifications on social media and screen our phone calls, but we still pay attention to our inboxes. If you can gain access to someone’s inbox, then you have access to their attention, and there are few things more valuable than a person’s attention.
  • Simply put, if you have a business of any sort, you should be building your email list. Every address on that list represents potential customers and potential dollars in the bank.
  • As your list continues to grow, you can directly interact with your ideal clients who are truly interested in your business. 
  • I hate to have to tell you, but building your list takes time and commitment. Your goal should always be to keep adding value so your ideal client will feel happy about providing you with their email address to resolve their pain point.

This coming month, we will be talking a lot about the power of your email list and things you can do to have a steady flow of highly engaged people wanting to hear what you have to say.

You can always find me on LinkedIn or Facebook.

Cheers Lovelies!!!

28 Lead Magnet Ideas

Lead Magnets 

Lead magnets are one of the most effective ways to build your email list. The way it works is simple. You create something of value and then give it away in exchange for a person’s email address.

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